© Michel Kisinis, photographe auteur

When the wind of my despair ice my set face
and I feel the cells of my body ready to desagregate
A cruel sweetness fills me with vibes
Death calls me
Death calls me and I am ready to disperse
A pain so sweet caress me so tenderly
Nothingness is calling me
And I feel his breath on my heart.
Exquisite palpitations where life united with death.
Anguish and fright for the show of life.
Puppets agitating in emptyness.
And I feel broken, living a living death,
A living death, creeping and sinuous.


© Michel Kisinis, photographe auteur

eliverance of emptyness,
I will put my hand on your skin
Satined, of black ebony.
Your mouth will rest on my hearth,
And your iced lips will make me quiver.
Your fist kiss will give me death,
My blood will spurt from my wounded heart
And we will fall both on the ground.
Not knowing of it ever.


© Michel Kisinis


© Michel Kisinis, photographe auteur© Michel Kisinis, photographe auteur